Standard Features

steel and HDPE frame

LoTemp hinged doors are clad with 26-gauge white stucco embossed steel interior and exterior and insulated with a minimum of 4” of R32, non-CFC, foamed-in-place polyurethane foam insulation. The face frame, including up to a 4-inch deep jamb is constructed with HDPE (high density polyethylene extrusion), a maintenance-free solution that provides exceptional resistance to moisture, fading, insects, splintering and warping. Consistent density and no voids in the material eliminates the possibility of bacteria, molds and fungus growth and creates a strong durable frame. HDPE has no wood fillers and high color stability. The strength, durability and overall appearance of HDPE means no additional steel cladding of the frame is required.

bulb gaskets and bottom door sweep

Self-adhesive bulb gaskets, at the top and sides of hinged doors create a positive seal even when mounted on imperfect walls. The bottom of each door has a sweep sill of grease-resistant reinforced gasket. Bulb and sweep sill gaskets are impervious to moisture absorption and maintain a flexible positive seal.

heater cables (freezer models)

LoTemp hinged freezer doors feature heater cables in three sides of the frame and the bottom of the door panel, ready for connection to a 120V/60HZ, single-phase AC line. The heat in the bottom of the door, in conjunction with the four-sided bottom gasket, creates a warm “chamber” under the door which eliminates the need for in-floor heaters.

lock, exit, and hinge hardware

LoTemp hinged doors feature an exterior polished chrome, single-point padlockable latch for easy storage security. An interior push release (mushroom button style) allows easy emergency exit. A nylon rod is present in freezer applications. All hinged doors with standard-size three-foot openings feature three cam lift hinges, self-lubricating and made of polished chrome. Doors for openings over four feet wide are fitted with strap-style hinges.