LoTemp Doors—now part of parent brand Everidge—represents the innovative and cutting-edge in cold storage doors, offering you a high-quality, fully customizable product line for refrigerated storage. Brand reliability—competitively priced and supported with Everidge’s robust customer service guarantee—is the promise of Everidge LoTemp Doors: tried and true products from a team with long, experienced history of industry success.

Our History

The LoTemp Doors brand combines the strongest of custom-built products with attention to our customers and an unmatched professional team history of refrigeration industry experience.

High-quality product design is a hallmark of LoTemp’s customer satisfaction promise. Each LoTemp door is custom-built to buyer specifications—with plenty of options to choose from at competitive prices. Like many Everidge brand products, LoTemp Doors are designed to be adaptable—manufactured to fit the customer’s exact cold storage need.

But LoTemp Doors’ design and product reliability have always been bolstered by the highest levels of customer service. LoTemp’s success in the cold storage door industry is largely built on the experience of its team—experts ready to partner with you and create the doors you need. As with every Everidge brand, LoTemp Doors are sold and serviced every step of the way by dedicated, responsive, and knowledgeable professionals.


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